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The Future of Work Communications: the Era of Conversation

Published By: Gigaom
Published:  May 10, 2018

The world of work is undergoing rapid change, as a result of many forces over the past years, such as these:

  • The blindingly fast rise of mobile devices and their near ubiquity in the workplace
  • The transition to cloud computing and software-as-a-service that has changed the dynamics of enterprise software markets, lowering barriers to disruptive innovations in enterprise software
  • Many companies are involved in activities related to digital transformation, rethinking the nature of business operations, processes, and organization to shift to more agile and flexible approaches to reach digitally-connected customers.

The end result has been a tectonic shift in how work gets done, and how businesses communicate, within the company and with their customers.

This previously recorded webinar will explore the present and future of work communications, and how we will be moving forward on issues like these:

  • The surprising endurance of e-mail, despite everything
  • The transition away from enterprise social networks to ‘work chat’, and the rise of chatbots for customer service and other uses: the era of conversation
  • The widespread adoption of video calling and meetings as part of the era of conversation
  • How digital transformation has to start with a change in communication, organization, and customer interaction.

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