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Data Center Physical Realities in a Software-Defined and Virtualized World

Published By: Raritan
Published:  Jan 11, 2017
Length:  9 pages

As our businesses become increasingly digital, we tend to think about technology in non-physical terms. Our IT infrastructure becomes “the cloud.” Our servers and storage become “virtual.” Our networks become “software-defined.”
The reality, however, is that information technology (IT) always depends on physical infrastructure. Without hardware there is no software. So to lose sight of technology’s physical realities is to jeopardize the wisdom with which we manage its physical underpinnings. And unwise management of those physical underpinnings leads to both higher operational costs and higher operational risks.
In fact, the great irony of virtualization is that it makes the physical realities of IT infrastructure even more important by dramatically increasing density and scale of workloads in the data center—and by dramatically increasing the consequences of physical infrastructure failures.
This white paper addresses five key aspects of IT that are inextricably tied to computing’s physical realities, even as that computing becomes more virtualized, software-defined, and cloud-based:
• Technology economics • Business risk • Operational scale • Agility and innovation • Security and compliance
By diligently addressing these physical realities, data center managers can better enable the organizations they serve to succeed in an increasingly tech-centric world—while they continue to pursue the evolving opportunities offered by virtualization, the cloud, and software-defined IT infrastructure.

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