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Unpacking the Complexities of Enterprise Collaboration

Published By: AVI-SPL
Published:  Sep 01, 2016
Length:  4 pages

In a connected and collaborative work environment, the ultimate user experience is a single click of a button to launch a meeting from any device, room, or platform. This ideal minimizes training and all but ensures user adoption. But achieving this ideal isnít always easy.

The reality for many enterprises is that the tools and solutions from multiple vendors donít fit together well, resulting in a collaboration environment that resembles what Frost & Sullivan calls a ďmess of technology islands.Ē In this disconnected state, users avoid video conferencing rooms that canít connect to their preferred tools and IT teams are strained to manage and support rooms as well. And the number of button clicks to start a meeting? Well that depends entirely on which room users happen to book and which platform the meeting organizer decides to use.

There are a few factors that are influencing the complexity of enterprise collaboration. In this tech brief, weíll examine three issues that often surface when we work with IT teams on a Collaboration Program Assessment.

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