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Enterprises Accelerating Adoption of Multi-Cloud Strategy

Published By: HP Helion
HP Helion
Published:  Sep 29, 2015
Length:  9 pages

IT-as-a-service, or ITaaS, is an operational model in which the IT department acts and operates as an internal service provider, creating services for the other lines of business (LOBs) within the organization. At its core, ITaaS is a competitive business model where an IT department views the LOBs as having many options for IT services, and the internal IT organization has to compete with and broker among those external providers to meet the LOBsí IT requirements.

Internal IT departments need to move to a more ostensibly commercial footing, competing with service providers and technology vendors alike. To pursue an ITaaS strategy, certain tools are required to support cloud brokering on one hand, and consumer-like access to services on the other. Service providers themselves need to undertake internal change (for example, to enable department-level billback or showback capabilities) in order to restructure around the requirements of new-style IT service delivery. Because of the significant changes required on both the buy side and the supply side, this will not be an instantaneous market development.

However, few doubt its inevitability, and this shift is already well under way.

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