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Gain agility with remote management and reporting

Published By: Server Technology
Server Technology
Published:  Mar 02, 2015
Length:  4 pages

The Cobalt Cheyenne Data Center is a state-of-the-art, 5.5MW, 34,000sf data center that incorporates critical infrastructure to eliminate all single points of failure. With over 450 cabinets available and power capacities up to 600 W/sf, the Cobalt Cheyenne colocation facility is designed to handle the most complex, power-hungry applications.
Cobalt assists its customers in measuring, analyzing and controlling power usage to enable effective capacity planning to help them utilize energy efficient policies on their own. Cobaltís intelligent cabinet Power Distribution Units (PDUs) with rack level power management software allows for monitoring, measuring and trending their own and the end customerís power. This solution can help improve data center energy efficiency, save money and drive the customersí data center green initiatives forward.

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